For 12 consecutive years St. Cloud Main Street has organized The Smokin Blues, Boats, Bikes & BBQ. A fun family event featuring a Cardboard Boat Race, a BBQ cooking competition, Live Music and a Bicycle Rodeo.   

Smokin Blues 2015 BBQ Competition Winners

BACKYARD  1ST   2ND         3RD 4TH 5TH

CHICKEN      Fine Swine of Troop 9   Caribou BBQ         Southern Smoke Smokin N Pokin PaDaddy’s BBQ

RIBS      Caribou BBQ   Smokin N Pokin     Southern Smoke Fine Swine of Troop 9 JR’s Ribshack

BUTS      Southern Smoke   PaDaddy’s BBQ JR’s Ribshack Low Downs BBQ Fine Swine of 

BRISKET      Smokin N Pokin  Low Downs BBQ PaDaddy’s BBQ Fine Swine of Troop 9 Southern Smoke

PRO    1ST   2ND     3RD 4TH 5TH

CHICKEN      Two Crackers  Meat -N-Fire No Secrets Chow’n Down Lucky Dawg’s BBQ

RIBS       No Secrets Lucky Dawg’s BBQ Two Crackers Pig In or Pig Out Smitty’s BBQ

BUTS Chow’n Down Smitty’s BBQ Two Crackers No Secrets Meat -N-Fire

BRISKET No Secrets DaVinci Foods Lucky Dawg’s BBQ Meat -N-Fire Chow’n Down 

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